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Phlebotomy Training

Where - Solihull, Birmingham venue Start date - 18 Feb 2017 Available places - Course Full

This 2-day course teaches you all you need to be able to perform the venepuncture procedure and set you on the right course to becoming a professional phlebotomist.It is one of the only courses in the country accredited by a nationally recognised awarding body, the NCFE, which ensures the quality of the teaching and assessment, making it a valuable asset on your CV. WHAT WILL I LEARN?The course teaches three units over 30 hours, including 15 hours (2-days) of classroom training, and roughly 15 hours of home study:Unit 1: Understanding the Role of the Phlebotomist;Unit 2: Understanding Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques;Unit 3: Applying Basic Phlebotomy Practices and TechniquesThese units, and the contents of the course have been developed in line with the CH132 National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Samples, (written by Skills for Health for the NHS). BEYOND THE COURSE, WHAT HELP WILL I GET?You will be supplied with a course handbook to keep and refer to, and will have full access to advice and guidance from your assessor and from our team.We will also include you on our contact list of ex-students, and will make sure you are kept informed whenever there are changes in national standards, legislation or good practice.TRAINING PATHWAYAfter you have completed the classroom based introductory training, you are then able to move onto our Advanced Course (245) or our private Live Bloods Experience (595), which involves you spending two days working with one of our trainers in a busy GP surgery in Worcester, taking blood samples from patients. Both of these courses also result in fully accredited certificates.

Course information

Joining Instructions

You do not need any prior qualifications or experience to take part in this course.The award is a level 3 qualification, so it is deemed to be of a similar difficulty to A Levels. It is preferable if you have at least a Level 2 (GCSE) qualification before starting this course, but not necessary. You will be asked to complete several written assignments as part of the course assessment, and your ability to do this will be assessed before the booking is finalised.If you feel you may need extra help to complete these assignments, because of a learning or physical disability, you can let us know in the booking form, and we will be able to put reasonable adjustments in place. See our Access to Fair Assessment Policy for more details.If you already have experience or training as a phlebotomist, you may be able to sign up for our refresher course (which involves a pre-assessment test, and then attendance on day 2 only), at a cheaper rate. You may also want to consider our Advanced or Live Bloods courses.

Who the course is aimed at

The course is perfect for total beginners, with no clinical experience, but it is also suitable for experienced clinicians, who have never received formal training, looking to reaffirm their knowledge and skills.More experienced phlebotomists might be more interested in our Refresher or Advanced courses.

Qualification / Certificate received

You will receive a Level 3 Award: Phlebotomy Practices & Techniques - this award is worth 3 units at level 3.The award is accredited by the NCFE (Northern Council for Further Education), and you will receive your fully accredited certificate within 1 to 2 weeks after the end of the course.The certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of the course. Within 2 years most people will have accumulated enough experience to surpass this qualification, however, if you feel you need to refresh your skills, for your own personal development, or because you are out of practice, we do offer a shorter refresher course.

Course Agenda

DAY 1:Day 1 is about the theory of phlebotomy. You will cover:The roles and legal responsibilities of the phlebotomist;Health and safety in the phlebotomy working environment;The importance of gaining informed consent;How to control the spread of infection;How to use and apply a tourniquet;How to deal with a Needle Stick Injury (NSI);The possible complications of venepuncture, and how to deal with them;The anatomy associated with venepuncture;Selecting an appropriate site for venepuncture.Our trainers are skilled at making the day a fun experience, with many practical exercises and group discussions. You will get to know your fellow students, and work as a team.If you already have past experience of taking blood, you can potentially skip Day 1 by enrolling on our refresher course instead.HOMES STUDY:You will be given a number of short written assignments to take home and complete during the evening of day 1. In the morning there will be time to go through your answers with the assessors, and clarify any points.These assignments ensure that what you have learnt has sunk in, and encourage you to use the course handbook, and external references to top-up your learning through independent investigation.DAY 2:Day 2 is devoted to practical work, you will cover:Assembling the needle and the correct techniques to hold the needle;The entire venepuncture procedure (including patient care before and after the procedure);How to use a variety of systems (Evacuated, Aspiration and Butterfly).You will work through the procedure as a group before breaking off to role-play with a partner. You will use state of the art equipment, including wearable pads and dummy arms, with accurate veins and blood. You will not be drawing blood from your partners.The day will end with a final practical assessment, taking you through a real world role-play scenario.


There is a test at the end of each section on Day 1, followed by a home study assignment to be completed on the evening of Day 1.Day 2 is completely practical, culminating in a final practical assessment.

Can the course be failed?

It can, this is a certificate of achievement, not a certificate of attendance. However, trainers do have the option of retesting learners on the day, and will stay behind with individuals if necessary. We have not had to fail a learner yet.

Typical start and finish time each day

Day 1: 10:00 - 17:00Day 2: 09:00 - 16:30

  • Price (per person) 295
  • 18 Feb 2017
  • First Aid
  • Start: 8am
  • Solihull, Birmingham
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